Junkies & Whores

Welcome to Brattleboro

I spent a most interesting Summer
With crackheads, junkies and whores
Fucktards, a psycho and criminals
Got a lifetime gift: herpes sores

He swore on his life that he’d miss me
And soon together we’d climb
Then he predictably vanished
As he returned to life with the slime

Of course he refused to admit it
But I saw how he changed
It follows a pattern I know well
This deadly and dangerous game

Apologies and excuses
Insincere promises and lies
“Hold on just a little bit little longer
I need you, My Sweet Alibi”

I protect all his dirty secrets
As I vowed to him that I would
Defending him, even lying
Knowing full well he’s up to no good

I worry my goddamned fool head off
Arrested? Hospital? Dead?
Heart breaking, no comfort in knowing
It’s going exactly as I said

I stood by him through his cruelty
And now I’m left hung out to dry
Yet I still have his back now
Left asking myself, “Seriously, why?”

A convenient conspirator
That’s all I am, this I know
When I’m no longer useful
He’ll finally tell me I should go

Or go ghost on me forever
With no explanation
Silently confirming the truth of
My assumptions and accusations

He looked into my eyes
Before our last goodbye kiss
Fool I am, I’d never imagined
He’d treat me like this

I watch in helpless horror
While he slides into Hell
Turning loved ones away
And slowly killing himself

He swears that I’m wrong in this
But I know that he’s lying
Yet I’ll still be here and loving him
It’s the least I can do since he’s dying

My tears and fears are unending
But he has nothing to say
The next time that I weep for him
He may be lying in his grave

Perhaps he once really loved me
But he loves his chosen life more
My heart and loyalty are nothing compared
To the company of junkies and whores

Tara Brown of Brattleboro

Will suck cock for drugs

Tara Brown of Brattleboro

What Was I Thinking?

I can't compete

I can’t compete

Such a coward. Thanks, Martone. I hope I hear from you before you die. Maybe I’ll even get the apology and explanations you owe me. I won’t hold my breath though. Liar.

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Aw, How Sweet

Shannon & Rob

What a sweet picture of two people I sincerely hope will die slowly in a fire.  How did you like those fake tits, Rob? Hurry up and go get your menial restaurant job so you can start paying off those student loans. Shouldn’t be too hard, what with your dad and now Shannon to supplement your meager income.

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Birthday Check-In


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I don’t hate you…

I don't hate you, it's just... Actually no, fuck you.

Die broke, alone & miserable

I really can’t believe I was married to such a fucking retard for so long. You’d think after all those years with me, some smarts would’ve rubbed off. I may be a crazy bitch and a vindictive cunt, but at least I’m not stupid!  more »

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