Karma? No Such Thing

“She decided to work it out with her husband.”Nice View

Seriously. What woman in her right mind wouldn’t, (especially when she’s got a fabulous career managing a Chuck E. Cheese)? Choosing between a guy you’re already married to (who can buy you a house, a boat and a lakeside vacation home) and a thirtysomething starving student booty call doesn’t seem to be one of those decisions to agonize over. Guy Who Can Afford to Have a Nice Retirement vs. Guy Who Can’t Afford to Ever Retire: no contest!

She may be an unfaithful pig, but I’ll give credit where it’s due: she’s smart enough to stay where her bread’s buttered. Along with being devoid of both conscience and morals, she obviously has acting skills that allow her to celebrate 16+ wedding anniversaries with the spouse she cheated on, with him none the wiser. Kinda feel bad for the blind fool. So many times I’ve wanted to clue him in. Unlike the faithless whore he married, I feel some obligation not to do something that might ruin a marriage or a family.

There ya have it. There’s no such thing as “Karma.” Bad people have the same amount of good fortune as good people, and sometimes a lot more. I’d imagine chillin’ in a lake house would make it easy to forget any twinge of guilt one might feel for having cheated on the man who bought it. Not that I think she’s lost a minute’s sleep over fucking another man on her husband’s dime. One can only hope she contracted HPV so she doesn’t escape completely unscathed.

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