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Story of my Life

Love SecretsThere’s this guy I’ve known for decades, but just ran into last Summer for the first time in many years. Be still my heart, that man is still as hot as he was when we met! He’s just more manly now. Some men totally rock their 40s, and he’s one of them.

At any rate… after an event one night around Thanksgiving, I was surprised when he came to my good friend’s house for a party, where I just also happened to be. I had no idea he was even in town, as I hadn’t seen  him at the event.  So we flirted, as we’ve done since we first met, but this time was different. This time he actually really kissed me. Kissed me kissed me. A few times. more »

Life: It’s Nothing Personal

The Lady PhoenixIt appears that I need – and am getting whether I like it or not – a different life.

Not necessarily an altogether new life, but certainly not my old life either. Lately I’ve actually kinda started a new life with people I love from my old life. People I can trust from my old life. People who’ve never hurt me, and wouldn’t now, or at least I’d like to think so. People who understand that sometimes being someone else, even just for a day, is what saves me from the abyss. People who’ll be someone else right alongside me. Who love me even when I’ve missed my mark. more »

With Qualification…

Forgive but never forget…apology accepted. It took some stones to be that big a person and I must grudgingly give credit where due. To be perfectly honest, all is not quite forgiven and will most assuredly never be forgotten. Then again perhaps it will, one day when I truly don’t give a shit anymore. Otherwise, I’ll take my forgiveness to my grave.

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