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Love SecretsThere’s this guy I’ve known for decades, but just ran into last Summer for the first time in many years. Be still my heart, that man is still as hot as he was when we met! He’s just more manly now. Some men totally rock their 40s, and he’s one of them.

At any rate… after an event one night around Thanksgiving, I was surprised when he came to my good friend’s house for a party, where I just also happened to be. I had no idea he was even in town, as I hadn’t seen  him at the event.  So we flirted, as we’ve done since we first met, but this time was different. This time he actually really kissed me. Kissed me kissed me. A few times.

Needless to say, first I nearly fainted; then when my head stopped swimming I got a bit hot & bothered. It’s been a very long six years.

Mr. Man then asked me to meet him in a few minutes at his buddy’s house nearby, but I was committed to giving a friend (who lived less than a mile from my house) a ride home. As heated and tingly as he made me and as nice as it would be to finally have even a little bit of physical affection after this horrible dry spell, I just couldn’t see driving 20 miles East and immediately drive 20 miles West. When I mentioned that I could go back to the event the following day and pick up where we left off, it came out… he had “a lady” meeting him there. Fucking crushed! But I managed to toss out with a laugh (as though I was joking, but I wasn’t) that he’d have to make do with just imagining what it would have been like. I promised that I’d be doing that very thing myself. I have… and I can’t help but wonder whether the reality would live up to the fantasy. It so seldom happens. Hell, even the ex had to be properly trained. But I digress…

I was hoping perhaps Mr. Man and this Lady were in some short-term thing; but now it’s March, and they still seem to be a happy couple. Honestly, good for them if they can have a happy relationship. They’re rare anymore.

Men can’t be trusted to volunteer their relationship status, so as a woman with morals, I suppose it’s up to me to ask. As usual, I’ll have to do all the hard work. Mark my words, I’ll never get blindsided like that again!

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