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No Cure for HPV

No cure for HPVYou’d think someone who had the goddamned virus would actually know¬†that there’s no cure for HPV, wouldn’t you? Well, if you did, you’d be wrong. more »

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Hilarious, Dirty Bitch!

fistingfridayOh, sometimes I crack myself up! I’m on about 3 hours sleep and ready to crash, but I had to make one last card at

Evil Fantasies Muahahaha

If Jon Only Knew

As badly as I’d like to drop a dime on this one douchebag I know, I just can’t do it, especially not at this late date. Which is not to say I might not change my mind someday! I can, however, use a Rotten e-Card to illustrate what I’d love to see happen if I did rat him out to the cuckolded husband

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Slightly Stalkerish

Stalkerish Ain't Ya?Since the Ambush Apology, this woman seems to be trying really hard to insert herself into my social circle. Granted, there’s no help for our possibly attending the same events and even having many mutual acquaintances. That’s cool, I can deal with that. I’m always civil even with my most hated enemies. more »