Slightly Stalkerish

Stalkerish Ain't Ya?Since the Ambush Apology, this woman seems to be trying really hard to insert herself into my social circle. Granted, there’s no help for our possibly attending the same events and even having many mutual acquaintances. That’s cool, I can deal with that. I’m always civil even with my most hated enemies.

However, she’s charmed her way into friendships with some of my closest friends, to the extent that she was (unwittingly) invited to an event that took place at one of the only places on earth I feel truly at peace. Fortunately, she was dis-invited when I made my friend aware of my distress over the whole thing. I’d have been depressed beyond words if she’d brought her energy into my happy place.

She’s also started making a pest of herself to a couple of my sister-friends of some 20-odd years. I just don’t get it. I can’t tell whether she’s carrying out some kind of ruse in an attempt at passive-aggressive vengeance or if she’s just that clueless. My friends seem to think it’s the latter, and in one case that she might even be being goaded on by a third party.

Maybe I’m just being paranoid or a narcissist, and she’s not even purposefully trying to get under my skin. Perhaps one day I’ll forgive her for what she did to make me so furious I don’t want her near my good friends, but for now it’s really an uneasy peace and as much as humanly possible I’d like to avoid having to share space – or my loved ones – with her.

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