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Your Family Sucks

fam-like-yoursMy family is all congratulatory and patting you on the back for your recent completion of culinary school; treating you just like family… same as they did when we were married. That’s because their loyalty isn’t fake. They aren’t cold and shallow, I guess, like you fucking WASPs are. more »

Well, Isn’t She Just the Sweetest Thing?

my-blog-my-rantsBless her heart, at least she‘s cuter than the married whore or the crazy bitch. Another Southern Belle, probably not all that bright, which is perfect for him. She’s also probably got a better job than working in a restaurant, which puts her a step up from the married whore right out the gate.

He’s got his online spank buddy to get out all his feelings of being “in love” (damn, the guy does that so easily – he hasn’t even met the woman in person!), and I have this blog to get out my venom. If anyone doesn’t like it, they can fuck off and not read it. That means YOU.

My blog, my feelings, my writing.

Hilarious, Dirty Bitch!

fistingfridayOh, sometimes I crack myself up! I’m on about 3 hours sleep and ready to crash, but I had to make one last card at

Slightly Stalkerish

Stalkerish Ain't Ya?Since the Ambush Apology, this woman seems to be trying really hard to insert herself into my social circle. Granted, there’s no help for our possibly attending the same events and even having many mutual acquaintances. That’s cool, I can deal with that. I’m always civil even with my most hated enemies. more »

Life: It’s Nothing Personal

The Lady PhoenixIt appears that I need – and am getting whether I like it or not – a different life.

Not necessarily an altogether new life, but certainly not my old life either. Lately I’ve actually kinda started a new life with people I love from my old life. People I can trust from my old life. People who’ve never hurt me, and wouldn’t now, or at least I’d like to think so. People who understand that sometimes being someone else, even just for a day, is what saves me from the abyss. People who’ll be someone else right alongside me. Who love me even when I’ve missed my mark. more »