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I don’t hate you…

I don't hate you, it's just... Actually no, fuck you.

Die broke, alone & miserable

I really can’t believe I was married to such a fucking retard for so long. You’d think after all those years with me, some smarts would’ve rubbed off. I may be a crazy bitch and a vindictive cunt, but at least I’m not stupid!  more »

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Can You Be “In a Relationship…”

So what if you never met her?… when the only sexual contact you have is your own hand or a sex toy, and all other “interaction” takes place with another party via phone or cam?

You can on Facebook!

So what if you’ve never actually fucked her?

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Well, Isn’t She Just the Sweetest Thing?

my-blog-my-rantsBless her heart, at least she‘s cuter than the married whore or the crazy bitch. Another Southern Belle, probably not all that bright, which is perfect for him. She’s also probably got a better job than working in a restaurant, which puts her a step up from the married whore right out the gate.

He’s got his online spank buddy to get out all his feelings of being “in love” (damn, the guy does that so easily – he hasn’t even met the woman in person!), and I have this blog to get out my venom. If anyone doesn’t like it, they can fuck off and not read it. That means YOU.

My blog, my feelings, my writing.

Evil Fantasies Muahahaha

If Jon Only Knew

As badly as I’d like to drop a dime on this one douchebag I know, I just can’t do it, especially not at this late date. Which is not to say I might not change my mind someday! I can, however, use a Rotten e-Card to illustrate what I’d love to see happen if I did rat him out to the cuckolded husband

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Slightly Stalkerish

Stalkerish Ain't Ya?Since the Ambush Apology, this woman seems to be trying really hard to insert herself into my social circle. Granted, there’s no help for our possibly attending the same events and even having many mutual acquaintances. That’s cool, I can deal with that. I’m always civil even with my most hated enemies. more »